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RIP Roaring good times! {Saint George, Utah Family Photographer}

Oh. my. heck. This was the funniest session ever. ha ha ha. These guys won a session in one of my giveaways a while back and we finally got together to do their photos a few weeks ago. I was 8.8 months pregnant and found it a little difficult to get up and down for the angles I wanted, but we managed. . . . For the first FIVE MINUTES until I sat myself down on a cement ledge and felt my pants rip out from under me. We're talking from cheek to calf, ripped wide open. Lovely. We tried covering me up with my 5 year old's sweatshirt, but that wouldn't even come close to keeping me decent. So it ended up my husband had to get a towel of the seat of our car and I wrapped it around my waist for the entire session. Can you say embarrassing?? They were so cute about it though and waited patiently as I sat waiting for my hubby to come to the rescue with the towel.

And their youngest daughter was a hoot. I always tell little ones that there is a monkey that lives in my camera and if you smile and look closely in my lens he'll sometimes peek out at you! It gets them to look and smile and giggle. Well she had such an imagination. She saw TWO monkeys. One was a boy and one was a girl. I'm glad she let me know! ;)

All in all, it was a great shoot and we really did have a lot of fun. I get to meet such neat people doing my job! Thank you guys so much for a fun afternoon. It was a blast!

Sweet Baby Girl! {Saint George, Utah Photographer}

Oh my cuteness!! I got to take this sweet girl's pictures the other day for her 3 month birthday and she is a doll! AND might I add has PERFECT skin. (Babies usually take a while to edit because of their peeling, baby zits, and splotchies. I seriously didn't have to do ANYTHING in post processing to hers.) And she didn't even cry. And she's beautiful. Did I mention that this was a really fun session? :)

Thanks for letting me play with your sweet girl Kristen!

The Hamilton Family {Saint George, Utah Family Photographer}

I've photographed these darling girls before, but this time Daddy got to come too! It was so much fun. They were so good and the weather was perfect. I went to high school with their Mommy, and as always it was great to see her and chat for a bit. Thanks so much you guys!

More Mini Sessions {Moab Utah Family Portraits}

Here is another one of the "Christmas Special" sessions I did in Moab a few weeks ago. I photographed this cute family last year also. I LOVE repeat customers. It's so fun to see how fast their kids grow up! These guys were awesome. The kids were angels and Dad was a good sport the whole time. ;) I wish I could show you all of the images from their session! They had so many keepers. Thanks for a fun afternoon you guys! It was so fun to see you again.

Time Flies {Saint George, Utah Photographer}

Can you believe these boys had ANOTHER birthday?? I know I can't. It is so hard taking pictures of my own kids. I can be patient with everyone else's kids, but with mine, I just get mad when they don't do what I want them to. ha ha ha. Poor guys. For a quick 15 minute session I think we got s few keepers though. I can't believe how big they are getting. They are best friends (most of the time) and I love it. I couldn't ask for sweeter, funnier boys that's for sure.

Boys Will Be Boys {Moab, Utah Family Photographer}

Here is a sneak peak for the first cute family I met with in Moab for my Christmas special last weekend! I have 3 more families to go and hope to have them finished up in the next few days.

Thanks for a fun session boys!!

Boutique Shaped Greeting Cards and Announcements

These cards are so elegant! They are unique and personal to you and your special occasion. You can order them in any paper finish, optional UV coating, and envelopes are included. Contact me today for more info, or to have me personally design a card that is perfectly you! Thank you cards, birth announcements, wedding invitations, the possibilities really are endless.

Pretty in Pink {Saint George, Utah Children's Photographer}

These darling girls belong to a friend of mine from high school. They are the cutest ever and it was so fun meeting them and seeing Kory again. They were so tired, and not in the mood for pictures, but they are so cute we were still able to get some great images. Hopefully when we do their whole family this fall they'll be more warmed up to the camera and we'll get some smiles. ;) Thanks for a fun day! Mason keeps asking when we get to play with his new friend Whitney.

Family Portraits {Saint George, Utah}

It's ALWAYS a pleasure doing pictures for these guys. It gives me my girl fix to get through another day in my testosterone filled life. ha ha ha. They have the prettiest girls and are so much fun. Thanks for a fun day and yummy Fargo's ice cream after!

Mother's Day Giveaway!!

Alright, the results are in!! The winner of the Mother's Day gift certificate is commenter #3 thanks to random.org. (Who is really my smart-alec husband, but I took his comment out.) Congrats to the Jivin' Johnson's who are the real winners!! Shoot me an email with your address so I know where to send your prize!! Everyone else who entered, you can book a session in May or June for 50% off!

And Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!!

Mother's Day Portrait Special -- Saint George, Utah

Still stumped on what to get the Mom's in your life for Mother's Day?? Read on! And enter for your change to WIN!! Sunday, May 9th is sneaking up fast. This will be a gift Mom will LOVE and treasure for years to come!!

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Elder Scott

As in, my brother Scott. Here are a few of my "little" brother's mission pictures. I should say my younger brother because there isn't much that is little about him! ha ha ha. We had some good laughs and fun time doing this mini session in my Dad's little apartment. I had to Photoshop my baby's head out of more than a few. Love you little brother. I'm excited to see how this all unfolds for you!!

Sister Rachel - - Saint George, Utah Portrait Photographer

Funnest. Session. Ever. This afternoon!! I got to take some pictures of my friend Rachel before she heads off to serve a mission for our church. We seriously just LOVE her and her family. We hope we can raise our kids to be as polite, honest, loving, smart, tight-knit, and AWESOME as this bunch. Our little boy has a HUGE crush on her little sister and wants to be JUST LIKE her little brother. Did I mention they are such a neat family? ha ha ha. Anyway, I am so so excited for her and this new adventure she is heading out on. She will do great things and touch so many lives. Did I also mention she is GORGEOUS?? I didn't even have to bribe her with treats to get that beautiful smile. Thanks for a fun afternoon Rachel. You are beautiful inside and out!

Easter Mini-Sessions | Saint George, Utah Child Photographer

There's nothing cuter than kids in their brand spanking new spring clothes. The frills and dresses and darling bows and hats make me swoon. We have to stick with vests and ties at our house, but I digress . . . . There's no better time to have some portraits taken of your little ones. Here are the details: You chat with your Mommy friends and find a few other families that want portraits and we'll all go together to save you a little cash. Anywhere from 2-6 families (kids only) split a 2 hour session and the session fee of $150. Then, you can order prints of the images from that session at a 10% discount until May 15th. The session can be anytime until the end of April. We can do an indoor studio style session, or play at an outside location of your choice. You decide what's best for your family. So get your group together and give me a call! Get your spring portraits and a fun play date done all in one shot!! (Ha ha ha. One "shot." Get it? I didn't until I went back and read it again.)

Grandkids | Saint George, Utah Portrait Photographer

I love doing photography for MANY reasons, but one of them is I get to meet and befriend so many neat people!! I am doing a booth at a little boutique in Washington. (See this post!)The owner of the shop is the cutest lady! She wanted to do some photos of her grandkids to put in the FRAMES that another vendor at the boutique makes. So we picked a day and I headed over. It was windy, rainy, and freezing. Makes for some GREAT images right?? . . . uh . . . . . maybe not. We did the best we could and had a fun time despite the sleet and goosbumps.

Thanks you guys! It was fun meeting you. We'll have to do it again sometime and make sure the weather gets the memo!! ;)

Cotton Town Boutique | Saint George, Utah Photographer

Another project I've been working on lately is my booth at the Boutique at the Cotton Town Village! It is a fun little antique shop/boutique. They have a variety of different vendors and it's a really homey, fun, atmosphere. I've teamed up with another vendor that makes the CUTEST picture frames and it has been really fun. Go in and check it out! They have antiques, frames, lots of cute baby stuff, jewelry, bows, tu-tu's, and tons more. It is just ?north? of the Washington Walmart across the street from a park. ha ha ha. Aren't my directions good?

Family Friends | Saint George Family Photographer

We met this great bunch through my husband's job and quickly became friends. They are so kind and fun to be around. Their beautiful granddaughter came to my preschool last year and is just the cutest little thing. I was happy to have an excuse to see them and chat for a bit. This is going to be an OVERLOAD of pictures!! I just couldn't narrow it down. Thanks so much you guys. You can see all of your images at the "client proofing" link at the top.

My Cute Dad | Saint George, Utah Portrait Photographer

My Dad needed some pictures of himself and of course I was happy to oblige. Hope you like them Dad! Thanks again for letting the hubs and I get out for a night!! We really needed it.

I haven't been posting here since FOREVER ago!! So readers, if I have any readers, I'm sorry to disappoint. Stay tuned for a few more posts. I've been busy setting up my booth at a new boutique in town, photographing the opening of a new restaurant, and all of my other great clients have kind of been put on the middle burner. (Not the back, just the middle. ha ha ha.) It's time for me to get busy. Post at you again soon!!

Good Eats!

No, I did not do any photos for Alton Brown. Although I will have one ECSTATIC 4 year old if I ever do. Ha ha ha. But I did get to do some marketing photos for a local restaurant. It was a really TIGHT space once we got everything set up in a little corner of the dining room, but overall I think it went pretty well. My little boy came towards the end of the shoot and had a riot tasting the food and helping me hold the reflectors.

ATTENTION Class of 2011! Senior Models Wanted! {Saint George, Utah Senior Portrait Photographer}

Beautiful Baby Girl!! {Saint George, Ut Newborn Photographer}

My goodness. I love pink and bows and all things girly. I had a lot of fun doing this shoot and my Mason hasn't stopped asking for a baby sister since! ;) Here are a few of my favorites from the day. Pretty girl and pretty Momma!

I'm putting your gallery up as we speak! If you want to see the rest you'll have to get the password from the proud Mommy.

If you are not a fan on Facebook, head over and get on it!! ;)

PS Don't forget. I need models from the class of 2011. If you or someone you know qualify, head on over HERE.

Another PS Here are a few shots of my little ones. They are good sports to always let me test the light on them before my sessions. I love my little family.