Hey! Welcome to my blog. I am Jenny Ballantyne, a portrait photographer based in Saint George, Utah. (Also serving Moab, Cedar City, Salt Lake, and Las Vegas.) Hope you enjoy browsing some of my current work. I love taking pictures and helping people remember all the little things that make life so great. If you stop by, please MAKE A COMMENT!


About Me & My Philosophy

About Me:

Hey! I’m just Jenny. A Mom/Wife/Photographer/Teacher. I’ve been married for six years and lived in Saint George, Utah for three years. We LOVE the warm weather and beautiful scenery and recreation here. I’ve always loved being creative and expressing myself in artistic ways. I took my first photography class in High School and have been in LOVE ever since. At one point, I wanted to major in photography in college, (Yup, shoulda done it.) but ended up going into elementary education. (I taught 3rd grade, and currently teach preschool at my house.) Now I take classes, read, research online, and anything else I can think of to further my skills and get new ideas. I love to learn new things about photography, and anything else that comes along really. I have two and a half wonderful children and an amazing husband that supports me unconditionally! Besides taking pictures, I love to camp with my family, read, take baths, cook (when I have time), dance, serve in my church, sleep, and play with my little ones. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with the ability to use my talents for good and has placed great people in my life.

My Philosophy:

I love taking pictures of people how they are. Pictures of their BEST self. I HATE when people want me to change their eye color, make them skinnier, fix their nose, remove ALL their wrinkles, etc. etc. The list goes on and on of things people don’t like about themselves. I CAN do all of those things, but the resulting image will not be the REAL you that God loves just how you are right now! Of course I will remove blemishes, smooth out a few prominent wrinkles, fix crazy stray hairs, and minor things like that, but I LOVE when the final image reflects a REAL person that people know and love. If you saw a picture of your 90 year old grandma with no wrinkles, an hourglass figure, and brown flowing hair would you even recognize her? Would looking at that image make memories of baking cookies and reading stories come flooding over you? NO! Because it’s not the real her. (Unless your 90 year old grandma really doesn’t have wrinkles, has an hourglass figure, and brown flowing hair of course.) My goal is to create beautiful, colorful images that stir up emotion and reveal character and relationships. I’m fine with waiting until the right moment when a child is in the mood to be themselves despite the lens in their face, even when that wait becomes lengthy at times! I love clients that have an idea of what they are looking for in their portraits and we can put our heads together and come up with some GREAT images that they will TREASURE for a lifetime.

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