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RIP Roaring good times! {Saint George, Utah Family Photographer}

Oh. my. heck. This was the funniest session ever. ha ha ha. These guys won a session in one of my giveaways a while back and we finally got together to do their photos a few weeks ago. I was 8.8 months pregnant and found it a little difficult to get up and down for the angles I wanted, but we managed. . . . For the first FIVE MINUTES until I sat myself down on a cement ledge and felt my pants rip out from under me. We're talking from cheek to calf, ripped wide open. Lovely. We tried covering me up with my 5 year old's sweatshirt, but that wouldn't even come close to keeping me decent. So it ended up my husband had to get a towel of the seat of our car and I wrapped it around my waist for the entire session. Can you say embarrassing?? They were so cute about it though and waited patiently as I sat waiting for my hubby to come to the rescue with the towel.

And their youngest daughter was a hoot. I always tell little ones that there is a monkey that lives in my camera and if you smile and look closely in my lens he'll sometimes peek out at you! It gets them to look and smile and giggle. Well she had such an imagination. She saw TWO monkeys. One was a boy and one was a girl. I'm glad she let me know! ;)

All in all, it was a great shoot and we really did have a lot of fun. I get to meet such neat people doing my job! Thank you guys so much for a fun afternoon. It was a blast!